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Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner offering dance and embodiment classes.

Jamus Wood

I dance, I explore and I have an innate curiosity for life, deeply influenced and rooted by the practices of Body Mind Centering®, contact improvisation, explorations into the land and Embodied Consciousness. Currently I am exploring the more than human relationship with Dartmoor and the question of what does the land remember.

TouchandPlay has been a rich place of learning, experiencing and play over the last ten years, so much so that I find myself as part of the organising teach for this unique and exciting experience.

Dance practitoner, Jamus Wood, interacting with the landscape of Dartmoor.
Course participant testimonial

Studying Body Mind Centering® with Jamus Wood has been deeply enriching, joyous and profoundly transformative. Jamus is an inspirational teacher; generous, spacious, intuitive, curious,

patient and sensitive.


His depth of embodied knowledge, along with his creative and fluid temperament, poetic and engaging dancing, and his awareness and inclusivity of the diverse range of participants, bring a sense of

trust and openness to the group.


In his classes, I have found myself exploring and experiencing states of awareness that have opened new territories of embodied knowing, shifting in, out and through kinaesthetic, emotional, cognitive and spiritual insights and understandings - as both linear journeys, and in every cell of my body, all at once. 


“The mind is like the wind and the body like the sand: if you want to know how the wind is blowing , you can look at the sand.”

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